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Why can't I access my analytics control panel?

 May 13, 2014     0 Comments

Onemobi Analytics are only accessible to accounts who have a valid privacy policy on their website. Due to the nature of the information collected, we require that our customers let their end users know what kind of information is collected by our servers before access to this information is granted.

We require the following paragraph to be included as part of your privacy policy:

Information collected when placing a call: When you access [YOUR-COMPANY]'s website, you are asked to provide access to your geolocation data. Should you allow us access to this information, it is recorded on our servers when you place a call through our website. Your GPS co-ordinates, along with your IP address, the time the call was placed, as well as an identifier that is unique to you is stored on our servers for anĀ indefiniteĀ period of time. The information collected is only stored purely for analytical purposes, and is not sold or shared with any third parties without your consent.

The italicized section of the paragraph may be removed if it does not apply to you. Once you have added this part to your privacy policy, email us at with the link to your privacy policy (on your mobile website) and one of our representatives will verify that it is indeed there. Once verification is complete, access to the analytics will be restored for your account.

Please keep in mind that the link to the privacy policy must be clearly visible on the mobile website.

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